Why aren't there more women in magic

Toronto-based magician Rosemary Reid asks (and answers) why we don't see more women performing magic. Something to think about:

I've considered the paucity of women performing magic can be explained very straightforwardly by a lack of visible role models. Small effects can have large causes, especially if their impact multiplies through a population. In the days before video, if a female magician didn't live in your area, your chances of seeing a role model were very low. Now that the world of online video has exploded, we could very well see that trend reverse itself extremely quickly.

Asking Deep Questions

Most people think simple questions ought to have simple answers. But one of the things I learned studying math at the University of Toronto was that the longer the question, the easier it was to answer. But when the questions are short an simple, the answer is anything but. 

The late Richard Feynman, physics professor at Cal Tech and Nobel Laureate, exemplifies this perfectly when a journalist tries to ask him why magnets repel:

British mathematicians teach more magic

The UK-based recreational math channel Numberphile is still on a magic spree. Here they explain a card trick made popular by the Scientific American columnist (and pretty much hero to nerds everywhere) Martin Gardner. 

Again, it's one of those tricks that young aspiring magicians often show me, albeit with different phrases. It's nice for kids because it doesn't require any manual dexterity, but rather remembering a sequence and when to use it. It also provides some immediately feedback. (Either the cards match or they don't and you know right away.)

The Grumpy Old Men of Magic

I'm pleased to announce a special appearance coming up in September at the Social Capital Theatre in Toronto. I will be appearing with Matt DiSero and the legendary Glenn Ottaway


He was the host of Canada's longest running magic dinner theatre, A Little Night Magic in Toronto. He's old, he's grumpy and he's been making Canadians laugh since before just about everyone you've ever met was born. He also knows magic, so watch out! (We guarantee almost every word out of his mouth is inappropriate so consider yourself warned.) 


Matt has worked with comedy greats such as Drew Carey & Jerry Seinfeld, has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California.

Accompanied by his trusty companion Hartnell (his pet chicken) this bow-tied bedazzler is one of Canada's national comedy treasures.

Magic Tonight

Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 8:00 PM

Social Capital Theatre
154 Danforth Avenue
Toronto (Danforth & Broadview)

Tickets $20

For information contact:

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