New Show

I'm pleased to announce the return of Abracadabaret, June 30 in Toronto at the Winchester Kitchen. For the past few years, I've wanted to find a regular venue where we could perform these special variety shows together. In part, I was distracted by other projects I deeply enjoyed like work with Magicana, or the Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club and special projects like Asi Wind and Eugene Burger's performances and of course my own one-man show. At the same time, friends like Chris Westfall and Bobby Motta were producing regular instalments of Slice of Magic and Headgames respectively, so the presence of quality alternatives did nothing to curb my laziness.

But now that a great venue has presented itself, I'm happy to get back into things and June 30th can't come fast enough. So make sure you've subscribed to receive updates (to this blog, to Abracadabaret, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever) about the new shows over the next few weeks as we'll have lots of exciting news coming out.