Norman Beck in Toronto

Coming up at the end of next month, Sunday, June 28, I'll be co-hosting a special event here in Toronto - a lecture with one of magic's best kept secrets: Discover one of the best kept secrets in all of magic, Norman Beck:

"Norman Beck fools me every time I see him. He was kind enough to let me put one of his effects on my last TV Special. He is very clever."  -David Blaine

“Stormin' Norman Beck is of my favorite people and magicians. He’ll make you laugh with his zany humor and that good-old-boy twang, and he’ll fool you with his diabolical thinking, methods, and routining." -Steve Forte

"There are only a few people in the world that I would consult with, share ideas, get advice, and their critique about magic, such a man is Norman Beck." -Asi Wind

Norman is brilliant. He has created some of the seminal tricks in Magic and you should listen to what he has to say and use his ideas. Some of the biggest names in Magic already do!" -Peter Samelson

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Lecture Tickets are $25 at the door (just $20 in advance online) Workshop tickets are $60 - very limited seating Buy Tickets Now

We will be at the Crimson Lounge at College & Spadina (the same space we host Magic Tonight in Toronto.)

The Lecture (2:00 PM)

Considered a working man's lecture, you will learn close-up effects to be used in the real world for real people. Not a dealer's show nor a lecture on hard moves and/or effects, everything Norman Beck teaches is simple (but not always easy), direct and entertaining.

After seeing Norm Becks' magic lecture at The Magic Castle recently, world-renowned mentalist Max Maven said it was one of the best lectures he has seen: funny, clever, skillful, and very well presented.

The Workshop (6:30 PM)

(3-hours, extremely limited seating)

An in-depth look at one of Norman's favourite tools for fooling magicians (and everyone else). This is a prop nearly all magicians own and very few use. Norman has re-engineered it from the ground up with mind blowing results.

Normal will also discuss his creative process. Learn how to create magic for yourself which is simple to perform and "fools the pants off of people."

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