"Radical Atheism"

Occasionally I'll be asked why one of the categories for posts on this blog is Radical Atheism. There are two reasons. The first is this video:

This is an interview between David Silverman of American Atheists and the British science fiction author Douglas Adams. Anyone who's heard me perform can probably tell what sort of influence Douglas' work has had on me. Shortly after his unexpected death in 2001, Stephen Fry combed through his many Apple computers and pieced together essays, interviews and miscellanea to form The Salmon of Doubt, which contained this interview. In 2002 at the age of seventeen, I gained a word to describe my belief system.

I had never heard the audio version (which has surely been excerpted here without permission because the internet.) But the reader is Simon Singh who was the voice of Arthur Dent in the original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Series.

Now the term has accumulate an extra meaning. In an era where religious fundamentalism is a concern, I enjoy the contrast of radical or militant atheist. When you consider the sort of actions that spring to mind when you thing of religious radicals, it's reassuring to think that the main pastime of militant or radical atheists is to write books and produce the odd television and radio program.