More logic

Recently, I wrote a lengthy post (a very, very lengthy post) against people who try to argue that materialism can't count for logic. TL/DR logic isn't some magical system handed down by stone tablets; its origins are far more mundane. With those four thousand words still bubbling at the top of my consciousness, I came across three pieces from disparate sources that take the positive approach. Rather than picking apart the things that logic is not, they give examples of how logic in particular and epistemology in general work in the real world.

The first is a talk from Neil Turok, made just up the highway from Toronto at Perimeter Institute (a venue that while I have never been, I presume must essentially be nerd heaven.)

A second article by Richard Young, The 64 Gazillion Dollar Question: How Do You Know? from the August 2015 issue of Humanist Perspectives republished over at

The third comes from a YouTube content creator dubbed The Messianic Manic. Here he's dissecting claims by Frank Turek, a bad philosopher of epic proportions who argues largely on the basis of (inaccurate) catchy slogans.

They're very different pieces but both interesting in their own regard. Interesting that I think I've organized them in ascending order of brevity.