Better Learning

Whatever you want to accomplish in life, you need to learn how to do it. In my career (so far) I've had three major endeavours. I was a martial arts instructor for many years. (see below) I studied math intensely at the University of Toronto (not a fast track to popularity), and now my life revolves around creating and performing magic. Those are vastly different disciplines that cross over between the physical, intellectual and artistic, but it's clear that are good and bad ways to learn.

Suffering for your art... literally.

Suffering for your art... literally.

We all have skills which are required to get done those things we want to get done. Being able to acquire new skills faster means you have more time for accomplishing those goals. This provided some interesting advice.

(I'm a little partial to these films as they're made here in Toronto.)

The second thought, about repeating practice with variation was new to me in particular.