Help Feeling More Awake

A very important lesson that magic taught me is that the best tricks are rarely based on a single secret, but rather on multiple overlapping and interwoven smaller secrets. That's why most people have a lot of trouble figuring out how magic is done. 

If you are looking for the secret, you are not only at a disadvantage logically, you're also thinking at the wrong scale. If you're looking for a single secret, you are looking for big secret (whatever big means in terms of information) while smaller secrets are sneaking in past your notice. Generally we want big problems to have big solutions, but often a number of smaller solutions is more effective in the aggregate.

Here in a video from ASAP Science (coincidentally based in Toronto) they offer advice for feeling less tired. Notice that all of the solutions offered are small. This also has the advantage that any one of them is easier to implement. 

And having done my fair share of keeping strange hours to perform magic shows (and before that go to school and teach karate) I've felt this kind of fatigue and many of these solutions have been effective.