A Secret Magic Party

Last night at NightOwl in downtown Toronto, a group of magicians hosted a super secret invitation only magic show... which they then blabbed about because magicians are far worse at keeping secrets than you might think. 

A newly minted magic company, aptly named Toronto Magic Company, helmed by Jonah Babbins and Ben Train (who has made many appearances on this blog) wants to carve out a space for young and aspiring performers to share their magic with a broader live audience. It's much in the same vein that Magic Tonight was for nearly three years and Friday Night Magic was before that.

I was asked if I would get really dressed up and do just one trick along with a group of eight magicians for a standing room only crowd. Here are some photos from the party provided by Eli Green. For discerning viewers: Yes, that is supposed to be Justin Bieber. For slightly more discerning viewers: Yes, that is a roasted chicken... Magicians are weird.