Tommy Wonder

One of my early inspirations in magic was a dutch performer named Tommy Wonder (ne Jacobus Bemelman). I devoured all of the Tommy Wonder material which was available. (Which at that time in the history of the internet, making far too many purchases on eBay.)

One of the things that made him such a memorable performer was that more than doing magic, he was someone that magic happened to. (And ending prepositions with sentences is a situation up with which we must not put.) He took after another dutch forerunner, Fred Kaps in that respect. It has been over ten years since he passed away I reached a point where I thought I had seen all that there was.

Yesterday, the YouTube algorithm (probably prompted by my review of Jamy Ian Swiss' article about him) turned this up for me and I remembered what I found so inspiring years ago. So enjoy a rather grainy television performance from the late, great Tommy Wonder: