Tricks in the Six

This Thursday, I'll be appearing on Tricks In The Six, a magic show organized in Toronto by the aptly named Toronto Magic Company.

I'll be appearing with The Sentimentalists - a pair of sartorially splendid mind readers just back from performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I first met half of the Sentimentalists, Mysterion, at one of my earliest visits to Friday Night Magic, now over ten years ago. He was mutilating silverware, showing off new tattoos and his taxidermy albino squirrel. In the years I've known him, he has only gotten stranger. He has since joined forces with Steffi Kay who has certainly helped to class up the act. 

Then again, the same could also be said for the show's host Ben Train

Join us Thursday, July 27 at the Paintbox Bistro (555 Dundas Street East). Tickets are $25 and available online.