Lavender Blonde

She's at it again - Lavender Blonde being generally NSFW

If you came to see my show last year, The Uncertainty Project, you'll remember being shocked by the opening with Lavender Blonde and her barely dressed backup dancers. To kick off the Pride festivities downtown I went to the Gaga4Gaga party at the Marquis of Granby on Church Street. Mostly because I knew Lavender would be performing. New material (which is totally NSFW):

Because of the audio in the background, they videos may not play on a platform that doesn't display ads (like phones).

I woke up Saturday morning with a bit of a sore throat which means that I probably sang along far more than I'd be willing to publicly admit.

Shared Uncertainty

Part of the problem of a show called The Uncertainty Project is the necessity of remaining tightlipped about its contents. It was extremely important for the show to force people int a position to "expect the unexpected"* with all the discomfort and excitement that comes with that state of mind. At the end of the day magic revolves around reversal of expectations. We expect our watches to stay on our wrists, shuffled cards to stay out of order and empty hats to remain rabbitless. It's a fine line, trying to walk outside the boundaries of a traditional magic show but without degenerating into total randomness and Family-Guy-Manatee humour. On the other hand, I routinely blindfold myself with duct tape on stage and do magic with thimbles, so a show on the eve of World Pride demanded a certain amount of extra unexpectedness.

Enjoy Part One of The Uncertainty Project!

The Uncertainty Project was presented June 18-21, 2014 at the Wychwood Theatre in Toronto with additional unexpectedness by Lavender Blonde.

Not sure yet when Part Two will become available or how much of the show I'll be willing to post publicly. I guess the future really is uncertain.

*It's not actually the contradiction in terms that people normally assert that it is.