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The Rocky Horror The Morning After

Last night, a group of comics, magicians and variety entertainers came together to support and pay tribute to Glenn Ottaway. Performers who donated their time included Mike Carbone, Jeff & Tessa Evason, Richard Forget, Glen Foster, Mini Holmes, David Peck and Brian Roberts. The evening was hosted by Mike Bullard and organized by Sir Matt of DiSero. You can check out Glenda Forham's review of the event. This is how it all ended:

She also managed to snag a few goofy photos of me:


If you would still like to chip in, you can make a donation at

The Rocky Horror - a must see show this November

Coming up November 9 at the Revue Cinema in Toronto, there is a show that you do not want to miss: The Rocky Horror. The show has an incredible lineup of talent, on the subject of which I shall gush more momentarily. The show is a benefit for the legendary Canadian comic performer Glenn Ottaway. Glen has been featured guest of mine on Magic Tonight several times, where he is always hilarious and often slightly risqué. Back when I was still trying to figure out which shoe went on which foot, he was the host of A Little Night Magic for about a decade.

I first encountered Glenn at Morrissey Magicin Toronto where he was performing at their anniversary party. At one point in his presentation, there was a youngster who was sitting in the front who was being slightly disruptive. When Glenn threatened to silence the youth by pissing directly into his mouth, I knew at once that I had found a role model of the highest order.

This show has an incredible lineup. Matt DiSero, David Merry, David Peck & Brian Roberts have all appeared on Magic Tonight. Glenn Foster is an incredible Canadian comic and Jeff and Tessa Evason are simply brain-melting. The evening is hosted by Mike Bullard (of Open Mike with Mike Bullard fame) and I might possibly sneak in and do a little something.

So please head over to and grab yourself some tickets before they're all gone.


A Series of Unfortunate Effects

A few years ago, I found out about a strange magic project; a hybrid between a magic instructional video and normal human movie. (Both magic instructional videos and normal human movies have a rich history, but so far as we've been able to figure, the twain have not previously met.) Finally, the project has been shot, edited, package and the producers are having a public screening at the end of this month. Series_Poster_PROMO(17x24)-2 copy

A Series of Unfortunate Effects Tuesday, April 29, 2014 @ 7:00 PM The Revue Cinema (400 Roncesvalles)

Tickets are available from You can also head there to Pre-Order the DVD.

I won't actually be at the screening, since it's the same night as Magic@theCage, but we are hosting the after party at The Cage, so I'll be there for that. The interesting part is that almost all of the cast has performed at The Cage at one point or another including Chris Mayhew, Ben Train, Chris Westfall, Jeff Hinchliffe and Canadian Magician of the Year Bill Abbott. We'll see how many of them we can talk into performing, possibly while drunk.

It's also the night before Vincent Hedan's show, The Wish, so make sure you have your tickets for that as well.