Toronto Magic Company

The Art of Magic


This week I will be appearing on The Art of Magic, a special magic variety night put on by the Toronto Magic Company. We take over the Super Wonder Gallery (College & Bathurst) and have a blast, bringing together diverse magical talents.

From the TMC:

The Art of Magic is more than just a show. It’s an entire evening filled with beautiful art and mind blowing illusions that’s taking Toronto by storm!

The fun begins at 730pm inside the Super Wonder Gallery. Enjoy delicious drinks and paintings from some of Toronto’s best local artists while close up magicians dazzle you with sleight of hand.

Then at 8pm SHARP the show begins, and for the next hour and a half you’ll witness professional magicians from around the world performing magic so incredible that you’ll be gasping in disbelief!

In order to ensure every seat in the house is a good one, only 65 tickets are available for this intimate theatre experience. Make sure you order yours before they disappear forever!

Due to increased demand we are repeating the same show for two nights, Wednesday and Thursday, at 8:00 PM. I’ve been informed that there are a handful of tickets left.

Also appearing are Ryan Brown, an award winning sleight of hand manipulator, and Michael Craig Francis, a multiple Guinness World Record holder.

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown

Michael Craig Francis

Michael Craig Francis


The Newest Trick In The Book


Tuesday night I’ll be appearing on The Newest Trick In The Book. It’s a fun and informal night of magic put on by the Toronto Magic Company. We use the delightfully nerd-themed bar See Scape (Keele & Dundas, Toronto) filled with games both of the video and table-top variety.

This week features guest host Patrick Nemeth, also features Chris Mayhew, Michael Penkul and Jacqueline Swan. This is a free show to attend but you can reserve seats through Eventbrite.


Photos from The Newest Trick In The Book

Getting a bit caught up. Here are some photos from The Newest Trick In The Book courtesy of David Fulde. This was their Pride week show, which explains the rainbows. Also on this show were Nicholas Wallace, John Roldan (assisted by Danny Proctor in the mask) and Ben Train, hosted by Jonah Babins

The Newest Trick In The Book is a free weekly magic open mic hosted by the lovely and charming Jonah Babins and put on by The Toronto Magic Company. It’s continuing into the fall with new performers every week and you can reserve tickets to upcoming performance. I’ll be on the week of September 10.

Newest Trick In The Book - Grumpy Old Men Edition

This week, I will be guest hosting The Newest Trick In The Book. This weekly magic open-mic, put on by the Toronto Magic Company, is now in its third season. I’ll be joined by some friends: Mike Carbone, Dr. Sammy Jakobowicz, Glenn Ottaway and Wes Zaharuk. This is going to be a fun evening of magic, comedy and the unexpected. The goal of the show is to provide a safe place for magicians to experiment with new material. It can be a rare opportunity to see something which has never been seen before, or a chance to see everything go horribly wrong.

Newest Trick is free to attend, but you can reserve tickets online to guarantee yourself a seat.


Newest Trick in the Book - July 30

A little bit of a last minute announcement. I’ve been conscripted to host The Newest Trick In The Book, a weekly show put on by the Toronto Magic Company.

The concept of the show is to provide a safe space for magical experimentation, trying and testing out new material that is still under development. (In much the same way that comedy clubs host open mic nights.) True to form, I’ll be showing off something new, and joined on stage by magicians Jeff Hinchliffe, Rob Testa, Dan Stapleton, LEO and Ajay. One of those has been performing magic since before I was born. Another one, I’ve been doing magic since before he was born. So we’re covering the entire spectrum.

This is a pay-what-you-feel-like show hosted at Toronto’s nerd-bar See-Scape (Keele & Dundas, Toronto). We have limited seating so you can reserve tickets at the link below.

Tuesday, July 30 - 8:30 PM
347 Keel Street, Toronto


Photos from the Carnival of Wonders


Last week I got to take part in The Carnival of Wonders, a variety entertainment extravaganza put on by the Toronto Magic Company. Under the direction of our Ringmaster, Jonah Babins, and his trusty tamed lion, Ben Train, we had a wonderful night and things certainly got weird.

I got to do some magic alongside Fenyxfyre, James Harrison, Dick Joiner, Aaron “Massacre” Matthews, Bella Muerta and Francis Trach. I clearly missed the memo about having to wear a red blazer, but the audience didn’t seem too upset with me.

Here are some photos from the night courtesy of David Fulde.