Tricks In The Six

Photos from Tricks In The Six

Last weekend, I was a special guest on the Toronto Magic Company's special show Tricks In The Six, accompanied by the ever energetic and zany Chris Westfall and charming "whackadoo" host Jonah Babins

Much like Magic & Martini, it was a wonderful intimate crowd. And there is nothing quite as much fun as performing for a group who know they love magic and have come out specifically to see it.

Here are some photos from our night at the B-Side Lounge courtesy of the Toronto Magic Company

Tricks in the Six

I'm pleased to announce that I'll be appearing at the end of this month on Tricks in the Six, a show presented by the Toronto Magic Company. I'll be appearing alongside Johan Babins and Chris Westfall


We will be at the B-Side Lounge (669 College St., Toronto) Sunday, February 25. The show starts at 8:00 PM. Tickets are available from the Toronto Magic Company:


Tricks in the Six

This Thursday, I'll be appearing on Tricks In The Six, a magic show organized in Toronto by the aptly named Toronto Magic Company.

I'll be appearing with The Sentimentalists - a pair of sartorially splendid mind readers just back from performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I first met half of the Sentimentalists, Mysterion, at one of my earliest visits to Friday Night Magic, now over ten years ago. He was mutilating silverware, showing off new tattoos and his taxidermy albino squirrel. In the years I've known him, he has only gotten stranger. He has since joined forces with Steffi Kay who has certainly helped to class up the act. 

Then again, the same could also be said for the show's host Ben Train

Join us Thursday, July 27 at the Paintbox Bistro (555 Dundas Street East). Tickets are $25 and available online. 


Tricks In The Six - July 24

This weekend's Magic & Martini is sold out. But I'll be appearing on this month's Tricks In The Six, put on by the Toronto Magic Company. Tickets are now available for Thursday, July 27th at 8PM at the Paintbox Bistro (555 Dundas Street East.)

I'll be joined by their founder, Ben Train, and a mind reading duo, The Sentimentalists

From the Toronto Magic Company:

"Tricks in the Six; featuring The Sentimentalists, James Alan, and host Ben Train
Toronto’s Premier Variety is back with a BRAND NEW show!

Tricks in the Six is Toronto’s premier magic variety show, featuring incredible magicians from around the world, mind-blowing illusions, and non-stop laughs in the intimate and beautiful Paintbox Theater. Every show is different, so this is your ONLY chance to see this lineup of amazing talent. 

This month’s headliners, fresh back from The Magic Castle in LA, are The Sentimentalists; two real life clairvoyants. Is it a trick or do they have real powers? The only way to find out is to experience it yourself!

Opening is the star of the sold out show Magic and Martinis, James Alan. With his sophisticated and classical style of magic James will transport you back to the 1950s and then back to the 21st century with his modern twists. You’ll see it but you still won’t believe it.

And of course Ben Train, founder of The Toronto Magic Company, will be hosting the show. Using psychology, influence, and good old-fashioned sleight of hand Ben will read your mind, predict the future, and make you question your every thought. Are you brave enough to let him try?

This is a once in a lifetime combination of incredible entertainers. Seats will sell out fast so act quickly so you don’t miss out (and to take advantage of our awesome early bird special)!

Be sure to grab your tickets before they disappear!"

Tickets are $25 but you can get discounted early-bird tickets if you order before July 20.