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Show and Tell Alexander Bell

I love the idea of integrating technology with performance art. The trouble comes when it happens in a superficial way and the audience leaves with a quaint feeling saying things like "that's clever" or "that's cute" like a six year old who has just repurposed a piece of kitchenware as a space helmet. Show and Tell Alexander Bell is not that.

Part of the 2013 Summerworks festival, it's a stunning example of... of... I have no idea how to complete that sentence because I've never seen anything quite like it. The title doesn't tell you nearly enough. There is dance - lots of it. Also some singing, not very much. Comedy, certainly. And plentiful and interesting visual elements which seem to counterpoint the surrealism of the underlying metaphor. (I've always wanted to work that into a sentence!) And there's even a magic trick or three in there for good measure.

It certainly shows us that there's is a wide open road ahead for integrating technology and art.

If you are in Toronto over the next week, go.

Two things which are important to remember:

  1. Remember to bring your cell phone.
  2. You'll never look at phone sex the same way again.

Show & Tell Alexander Bell

@ The Summerworks Performance Festival

by Ars Mechanica Theatre

Select performances August 8 - 18 at the Lower Ossington Theatre

Tickets $15

You can see more the of the 2013 Summerworks Program here.