dawkins foundation

It's a coincidence, I swear

I recently acquired a scarlet Atheist lapel pin from the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science in the US. To date, it's the best symbol for secularism I've seen which is appropriate for grownups (not that I don't love Flying Spaghetti Monster cufflinks and Darwin Fish car emblems). I look forward to wearing it in public performances, TV appearances and anywhere else I can sneak it in. What it took me a few days to realize was that both the scarlet  and my letterhead both seemed to use the same font. Lucky me!

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Although it's a good step forward, I think some work needs to be done on branding. Atheism remains a non-position and is very vague, so it would be nice to have something which made a bit more of a positive statement. Nevertheless, it's a pretty little thing and I'm happy to have one.