Questioning Assumptions or... proof that math teachers are evil

Magic teaches us to be constantly be looking at the world around us with a critical eye and to always be giving a second thought to things which appear, on the surface, to be completely obvious. Rushing through a problem trying to get to the solution as quickly as possible carries the risk of missing something important; something you believed to be true without realizing it. (And because you weren't consciously aware of believing it, you never gave yourself the opportunity to question it!)

For some, this exercise will be a delightful exercise in testing and challenging assumptions. For others, it will simply be the long-awaited proof that all math and science teachers are inherently pure evil. 

The Ghosts are Returning

I'm delighted (and slightly frightened) to learn that Nicholas Wallace's Seance is coming to Toronto this fall. Over the past several years, Nick has earned a reputation for producing outstanding shows. He is as clever as he is charming. I first saw Seance nearly two years ago at Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton and I left the theatre feeling thrilled and more than a bit disturbed. Nick Wallace may seem to be sweet and innocent but I suspect he is actually the devil, pure evil wrapped in Mister Rogers' sweater.

If you don't believe in ghosts and you're not afraid of the dark, Nick Wallace can help with that.

Seance is playing in Toronto for nearly two weeks at the Theatre Passe Murraille Mainspace in September and October. Tickets are now available from the theatre box office.

Theatre Passe-Murraille