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Grand Spirits Getting Grander

Grand Spirits, the organization secretly masterminding my new show, Magic and Martini, is making a little piece of history up north of the city. While we take organizations like the LCBO and The Beer Store for granted, we don't realize  that this is not how the sale of spirituous beverages works just about every place else in the world. But with changing regulations, this is the first legal distillery to open in this region in over a century.

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Magic@theCage Continues

I went back and checked and last night marked our twentieth show at The Cage 292 in The Crimson Lounge. It's been a wonderful time and we have no plans of stopping any time soon. But I went back and looked through the photos since we started the show and picked out my favourites. Join us every Tuesday and Sunday night for more great Magic@theCage....


The Ghost Experience

For the last little while, I've been pitching in on a secret project which is now no longer secret and I'm excited they're finally letting me talk about it. On Friday nights, starting April 25, we will be premiering The Ghost Experience. Jamie Stam — who has appeared many times on Magic@theCage and Magic at the Winchester, one of our favourite presenters — is exploring a much more serious and mysterious side of the human experience; what happens with those who are no longer with us, yet remain behind. It's a chilling, and yet somehow uplifting, affair.

The show will be every Friday night at a secret location in Downtown Toronto, which is only revealed to ticket holders (which means all tickets must be purchased in advance — you'll never find the door!). Doors open at 6:30, with dinner served up until 7:30. After dinner, everything changes.

The Ghost Experience

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There is a special preview performance on Good Friday, April 18. If you would like to attend you can receive 50% off tickets using the discount code "goodfriday". 

This is strictly an 18+ event.

Winchester Retrospective

We recently had to pack up our show, Magic at The Winchester Stage and Bar and switch to a new location. To my incredible relief, the transition was seamless (with tremendous thanks to the staff at The Cage for making it possible to pull that off)! Since we moved over, many people have contacted me to let me know how much they enjoyed the Winchester and our events there, so I put together a tiny retrospective. Really, it's just my favourite photos from the archive I've been keeping, but I actually got to counting, and we did thirty events there in various formats over the past fourteen months. So thank you to everyone that came out to support us there and I hope we'll continue to see you going forward.

The photos come from various people (including members of the audience) and are of varying quality. Enjoy!

We are continuing to perform every Sunday night at The Crimson Lounge inside of The Cage 292 (map). Information and tickets are available at www.abracadabaret.com/cage