lies damn lies and magic tricks

A Magic Bash

It's just been announced, I'll be appearing on stage at the annual one day magic convention hosted in Toronto by the Browser's Den of Magic - The Browser Bash. This is the fourth year they're holding this special gathering for magicians and magic enthusiasts. Every year it seems to get bigger and more extravagant. 


I've been asked if I would do one of my favourite pieces; something which began as the close of my first theatre show, Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks:

Photo by Irina Popova

Photo by Irina Popova

Of course, as you would expect for an event organized by magicians,  they're being intentionally mysterious about who else is performing, but more names will be added as we get closer to April.

How not to lose $100

A short excerpt from Magic & Martini at SpiritHouse in Downtown Toronto. This is a piece of magic I created based on a trick of Tommy Wonder's several years ago. I first began performing it in 2012 as part of my show, Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks

It appeals to me because of how direct it is. A lot of magic is based on distraction and surprise where the climax comes out of left field, but here I get to say what will happen and it happens. 

The trick is called "Elizabeth V" for reasons which would take a while to explain. 

Magic & Martini continues with through the summer with selected dates in Toronto. Readers can use the code olive for a discount on the price of tickets when purchasing online. (We will be back in Oakville and Hillsburgh in the fall.)

Winchester Retrospective

We recently had to pack up our show, Magic at The Winchester Stage and Bar and switch to a new location. To my incredible relief, the transition was seamless (with tremendous thanks to the staff at The Cage for making it possible to pull that off)! Since we moved over, many people have contacted me to let me know how much they enjoyed the Winchester and our events there, so I put together a tiny retrospective. Really, it's just my favourite photos from the archive I've been keeping, but I actually got to counting, and we did thirty events there in various formats over the past fourteen months. So thank you to everyone that came out to support us there and I hope we'll continue to see you going forward.

The photos come from various people (including members of the audience) and are of varying quality. Enjoy!

We are continuing to perform every Sunday night at The Crimson Lounge inside of The Cage 292 (map). Information and tickets are available at