Adam Pal's PalmCast

I did a very fun short interview with Adam Pal and his Live From My Bedroom palmcast (apparently you can't call it a podcast because he has religious objections to all things Apple.) 

We had fun. I was interviewed by children. We talked about the evolution of Magic Tonight and my start in magic. We're actually in the back of The Cage 292 where we host the show in Toronto. Have fun listening if you've got a few minutes to spare.

Matt DiSero - Live from my Bedroom

Ok, that sounded wrong... Last week, while the irritatingly photogenic Keith Brown was busy swallowing sewing needles at Magic Tonight (long story), there were doings transpiring backstage at the Crimson Lounge. Adam Pal was interviewing Matt DiSero for the PalmCast "Live from my Bedroom".

I have no idea what they were talking about, but at some point in the middle, I got talked into performing a card trick for a ten-year old child who happened to be there. Of course it's radio, so for all you know, I was just shouting at an innocent child while riffling cards next to a microphone. We'll never know for sure.

You can listen to the whole interview below:

Magic Tonight is performed weekly in Toronto, Mississauga and Pickering with a fabulous assortment of special guests — including Matt DiSero on Sunday March 8! Readers of this blog can use the code reality when buying tickets online for a special discount on the price of tickets and dinner.

Mar 8 DiSero
Mar 8 DiSero