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Last week on Magic Tonight

Sunday night on the show at the Crimson Lounge inside The Cage 292 in Toronto was almost but not quite entirely sold out. I was joined by Rob Testa, who's been appearing on the show for ages and recently returned from an extended holiday gallivanting across Europe. He returned with a strange shiny metal bolt through his chin which is rather unsettling. But then again, boys are weird. If you missed the show, take a look at what you missed. Tickets for our upcoming shows are available at Readers of this blog can use the code reality for a discount on the price of tickets and dinner when purchasing online.

This week on Magic Tonight

We have just one show at Magic Tonight this week on Sunday at the Crimson Lounge in Toronto (stay tuned to find out what I'm up to this Thursday). My guest his the hilarious and bewildering Rob Testa. So for a fun night of comedy & magic, join us at the Crimson Lounge (inside The Cage 292, 2nd floor) for Magic Tonight. Readers of this blog can use the code reality for a discount on the price of tickets and dinner when booking online.

October 4 Rob Testa
October 4 Rob Testa

Magic at the Ontario Science Centre

Knowing I'm a nerd at heart, I was asked to do a couple of short shows at the Ontario Science Centre over the Christmas Season. They have a beautiful Imperial Oil Auditorium which works really well for magic. I was being hosted by the boys at Spellbinding Science who teach magic programs at school under the guise of science.

Rob Testa
Rob Testa

David Grosfield & Rob Testa of Spellbinding Science

(These are two slightly different performances for two different audiences. They start differently and end the same. So if you get to a trick you've seen before, you can stop watching.)

Magic@theCage Continues

I went back and checked and last night marked our twentieth show at The Cage 292 in The Crimson Lounge. It's been a wonderful time and we have no plans of stopping any time soon. But I went back and looked through the photos since we started the show and picked out my favourites. Join us every Tuesday and Sunday night for more great Magic@theCage....


Seventeen Secrets eBooks

The two booklets I edited for the Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club are now available as eBooks. So if you prefer a lighter digital version, or just don't want to pay for shipping, both titles are now available for $15 each at Lybrary is the world's largest site for eBooks about magic and its related arts with hundreds of titles including reproductions of rare and out of print books.

Volume 1 includes contributions from me, James Biss, Matt DiSero, Richard Forget, Murray Hatfield, Will Houstoun, Joshua Jay, Michael Weber and Tyler Wilson. Read the full table of contents.

SSV1 Cover

Volume 2 contains contributions from me, Bill Abbott, Denis Behr, Eugene Burger, Alain Choquette, Matt DiSero, Tina Lenert, Chris Mayhew, Ricky Smith, Rob Testa and Chris Westfall. Read the full table of contents.

SSV2 Cover

The print and electronic versions have identical content with a few formatting changes. The photos in the eBooks are larger and in colour. Otherwise they're the same books. They cover a range of material including cards, close-up, stage and mentalism with varying levels of difficulty.

For those interested in purchasing the original print versions, which are limited numbered editions, they are available from the Hat & Rabbit Club's web store for $20 each plus postage.

Magic at the Winchester

As I've written previously, Abracadabaret (formerly Friday Night Magic) used to be a weekly show in downtown Toronto. Over the past five years we've presented a variety of special events and a number of different venues, but scattered throughout the year. After arriving at the Winchester earlier this year for a short run of Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks, we began offering a monthly show. Now, we're formally declaring The Winchester in Cabbagetown our new home and we'll be presenting a weekly show every Sunday night at 7:00

Tyler Wilson Stephen Minch

The Winchester is perfect for a magic show. Their stage has remarkable sound and lighting for a venue that size, there is free parking on the street, the menu is wonderful and it has just the right amount of magical weirdness: it features fireplaces in the middle of the walls, extra high ceilings which hold strange mysteries and the iconic Canadian magician Doug Henning used to live in the neighbourhood - there is even a small floral garden commemorating him around the corner!

As we did in years past, we will rotate through our favourite performers so that every show is different, and guests are free to come back as often as they like. To sweeten the deal, The Winchester has included a complimentary dinner buffet along with any ticket purchase (you'll still have to pay for your drinks, and you can still order off the regular menu... which is superb). We've also added discounts for groups purchasing tickets online, and additional discounts for groups of five or more.

Rob Testa

To kick off the new series this Sunday (October 20) I'll be teaming up with the lovely and charming Rob Testa. I worked with Rob most recently on the Wendy's Canada #ExpectToBeAmazed online ad campaign. There were a lot of magicians on the set, but Rob was certainly the funniest and most personable on camera. His shows are extremely energetic, exciting and entertaining. I'm looking forward to being on stage with him this weekend.

I've received a few calls this week from people asking if the show is appropriate for children. That's a tough question to answer. While the show is certainly not designed for children, there's nothing particularly mature or offensive involved. We say officially that the show is not recommended for children under twelve, although we've had plenty of eight and nine year olds pass through over the years who have been perfectly delighted. So maybe kids are more mature than we give them credit for. I'm not sure.

Currently, we've signed on to perform weekly through the end of 2013, although we hope to continue that into 2014. If you're in the Toronto area, we'd love to see you at one of our shows. Come join us for an amazing night of magic.

Magic at the Winchester

We are also always looking to expand our roster of performers. The details are available at Those are interested are welcome to contact me for the password.