royal institute

The Science of Gambling

When you're a magician, the question comes up often, "Can I take you with me to the casino?" Never mind that there are no casinos in Toronto, my background in math means I'm fascinated by gambling but know enough about the odds to not want to do it in casinos. The Royal Institute in London offers up its public talks for free online and I thought I'd share this really interesting talk about the intersection between science and gambling including using computers to cheat at the roulette and blackjack tables, the mathematics of shuffling applied to card tricks and strange ways to win at the lottery.

And the Q&A to follow up:

Information, Evolution and Intelligent Design

Daniel Dennett remains one of my favourite thinkers. Having been brought up with the likes of Richard Feynman and Stephen Hawking with a general distain for philosophy, he has reinvigorated my faith therein. 

This is a great talk, well worth the hour it takes to watch. Also take a peek at the Q&A below.