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The Badass Stephen Fry

I realize that's redundant, but this man continues to exude awesomeness out of every pore. For me, the most disappointing thing so far in 2015 is that the latest instalment of his memoir is not available as an eBook in this country. Here he is on Irish television, in no less of a place that Oscar Wilde's former home, giving an answer that shocks his interviewer out of his complacency. It's fabulous. And the interviewer's face is priceless.

Part of this is privilege. Few are in the position to be able to speak their minds in public so honestly without putting their career in jeopardy. So to see this is truly wonderful.

In fact, all he's doing is pointing out facts that a five year old child could point out, except that we've grown accustomed to not pointing them out. The notion of a god (at least the one featured in the world's major monotheisms) only makes any kind of sense if large parts of her creation are swept under the rug and ignored.

Occasionally the responsibility gets deflected by positing either an antagonist devil character, or some magical force (sin) to account for the problems. The hope is that we will forget that it is the got that necessarily must have created those characters and forces. It's a piece of sleight of hand we play on ourselves. And like any well constructed magic trick, once you realize what's happened, you smack your forehead wondering how it could be possible to be led astray by something so simple.

I also can't help but notice the shiny new wedding ring!