Ninety-Nine Fabrications: The Ultimate Collection

Rumors have long persisted of an "other" IBM Ring in the city of Toronto. This motley crew of magicians, mentalists, gamblers, jugglers, psychics, university students and general dilettantes met regularly at a secret place known only as "the usual place and time" and adhered vigorously to its vague objectives of advancing the art of magic, trading gossip and exploring techniques for the vanishment and disappearance of pub foods in a collegial environment.

This is Ring 99 and these are their stories.

Includes the official Ring 99 membership oath, the Ring 99 induction lecture, "Hail to the Chief" by Lisa Close, "Mischief Mischief" by Matt DiSero and the long lost write up of the Michael Weber Zombie Workshop.

Warning: does not contain any tricks or otherwise useful information.

1st edition 2013, 55 pages.

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