Full of magic and illusion which is both impressive and entertaining… James Alan’s stage magic leaves Toronto audiences stunned.
— Mooney on Theatre

James Alan proves that magic really is for grownups. He is a professional magician and sleight of hand artist based in Toronto. The experience of magic is ideal for creating memories which last a lifetime. James has performed across Ontario for small intimate audiences and on large stages creating performances which are “thought provoking, funny, astonishing and thoroughly entertaining.”

His one man shows, Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks and The Uncertainty Project have been featured at the Summerworks Performance Festival (Toronto), The Hamilton Fringe Festival and The Wychwood Theatre. For over two years, he hosted Magic Tonight, which brought together local magic and mystery artists in Downtown Toronto. Currently he is featured in Magic and Martini presented in collaboration with Grand Spirits

Truly entertaining
— NOW Magazine
James Alan blew us away! [We] wanted to see more.”
— CP24

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Why Magic?

Magic is different from most other forms of entertainment and truly stands out at an event: 


Everyone has vivid memories of their first experience with magic. In addition to the performance itself, the memory lingers as the audience tries to figure out how things happen and the participants wonder what would have happened if they made different choices.


The show actively involves members of the audience which makes every performance truly unique. Everyone has a chance to be part of the experience; it’s the ultimate reality show.


Not in the sense of blood and gore, but real surprise when you see something that you have not only never seen before, but truly believed was impossible.  


When something happens that you want to tell others about it. A magic performance provides a perfect vehicle for sharing. Everyone leaves the event with a story which begins, “You’ll never believe what I saw at...”