Photos from Magic & Martini in Toronto

Here are some photos from last night's sold-out Magic & Martini at SpiritHouse in Downtown Toronto. Thank you to everyone who attended. We're nearing the end of the season with one show left in Toronto and two shows left at the Grand Spirits Distillery in Grand Valley. We will be off for December, but back in January with more great shows. Readers can use the code olive for a discount on the price of tickets purchased online.

Photos courtesey of Waled Hassanzay.

Photos from Magic & Martini in Oakville

Last night, at O'Finn's Irish Temper in Oakville, we had a packed house for Magic & Martini. Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the show. We have some more shows in Toronto and Grand Valley before we break for the holidays. Readers can use the code olive for a discount on the price of tickets when booking online

Here are some photos from the event courtesy of Waled Hassanzay

Photos from Magic & Martini in Toronto

We had another sold out Magic & Martini last night at SpiritHouse in Downtown Toronto. Thank you to everyone who attended. Here are some photos from the event courtesy of Waled Hassanzay

We have four shows left before we break for the holiday season. Two in Toronto, one in Oakville and one in Grand Valley. Readers can use the discount code olive for a special discount when booking tickets online. 

Speaking of the holidays, dates are disappearing quickly (sorry... magic pun) for holiday parties. If you are still looking for entertainment for your event, please feel free to contact us for a quote. 

A Magic Bash

It's just been announced, I'll be appearing on stage at the annual one day magic convention hosted in Toronto by the Browser's Den of Magic - The Browser Bash. This is the fourth year they're holding this special gathering for magicians and magic enthusiasts. Every year it seems to get bigger and more extravagant. 


I've been asked if I would do one of my favourite pieces; something which began as the close of my first theatre show, Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks:

Photo by Irina Popova

Photo by Irina Popova

Of course, as you would expect for an event organized by magicians,  they're being intentionally mysterious about who else is performing, but more names will be added as we get closer to April.

A Magician Explains Quantum Mechanics

Ever since I first watched Richard Feynman's Messenger lecture where he gave an introduction to the famous "double-slit" experiment, I've been fascinated by quantum physics. (Actually, my earliest exposure was in the Michael Crichton novel Timeline, but his explanation was misleading, invented in order to service the plot and allow time travel to medieval France.) It is a topic which seems to actively resist being understood, where many of the experiments designed to tease out what was actually going on, produced surprising counter-intuitive results. And yet, despite all its mystery, if you just knuckle down and do that math by brute force, the theory works. The magic of the universe, I suppose...

Anyway, a handsome young magician from Vancouver, and a handsome female assistant hiding behind a screen attempt to explain quantum mechanics... sort of. As modern TV teaches us, the essential ingredient in teaching anything on the internet is getting a woman to take her clothes off. And, as Bill Nye teaches us, the essential ingredients necessary for explaining science are suspenders and a bow tie!

Note, for those who think it's exploitative and sexist for him to make a woman get undressed for magic, here's a clip of him in a speedo for magic. 

Questioning Assumptions or... proof that math teachers are evil

Magic teaches us to be constantly be looking at the world around us with a critical eye and to always be giving a second thought to things which appear, on the surface, to be completely obvious. Rushing through a problem trying to get to the solution as quickly as possible carries the risk of missing something important; something you believed to be true without realizing it. (And because you weren't consciously aware of believing it, you never gave yourself the opportunity to question it!)

For some, this exercise will be a delightful exercise in testing and challenging assumptions. For others, it will simply be the long-awaited proof that all math and science teachers are inherently pure evil.