Celebrate your next special occasion with a unique and memorable performance. 

Magic on Stage

The performance of magic transcends the boundaries of age, language and geography! Make your special events truly unforgettable. Shows include highlights from James’ acclaimed one-man shows Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks (2012) and The Uncertainty Project (2014). 

Performances are engaging and interactive,Above corporate and family friendly. 

Performances can be customized for a variety of venues, audience sizes.

Close Up Sleight of Hand

Give your guests the experience of magic up close that will entertain and astonish and connect them. James brings guests together — who may complete strangers and who may never have had the chance to meet — and introduces them through the shared experience of close-up magic.

Magic entertainment can help manage wait-times and transitions during the event so that everything flows smoothly.

An enthralling and stupendous show of wonder. It was a roaring success. We’d have repeat performances from you in a flash.
— The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto