Ninety-Nine Fabrications Volume 2

I suppose I should correctly call this Volume 2.71828 named after the mathematical constant e, because the characters depicted inside are either irrational and/or transcendental. As I mentioned previously, the members of Ring 99 knew how to have a good time. Unfortunately, it was customary for the club to record its (mis)adventures in regular reports to The Linking Ring which is the official journal of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Thanks to my partner in crime, Dr. Sammy Jakubowicz, these reports where always thoroughly embellished and the true facts probably cannot be extracted, even by those who were there.

Nevertheless, it gives me great pleasure to present Ninety Nine Fabrications, Volume 2.71828 to audiences with far too much time on their hands. This is an exhilarating read, which should take you no more than twenty minutes. It covers two years' worth of meetings of the club including our farewell banquet in May 2013.

On top of that we have included:

  • An alleged history of Ring 99
  • Improved author biographies
  • The official Ring 99 Membership Oath
  • The official Ring 99 Induction Lecture
  • The Hat & Rabbit Club 2013 auction reviewed by Ring 99
  • Magi-Fest 2013 reviewed by Ring 99
  • The Ring 99 Farewell banquet
  • "Hail to the Chief" by Lisa Close
  • "Mischief, Mischief" by Matt DiSero

The booklet is now available for purchase on iTunes, Kobo and Kindle.


*This booklet contains no reliable or useful information and serves only to prove that I have far too much free time on my hands and need to be booked for more shows.