On the next Abracadabaret (Part 1)

In just over two weeks, we'll be back at the Winchester in Cabbagetown with the next Abracadabaret! Joining us, all the way from London (Ontario, not the one you have to swim to) is Keith Brown.

Keith Brown

As I've written elsewhere, Keith Brown is one of two things that will make me drive to London. No, you may not know the other one, at least not without buying me a few drinks.

He's produced two acclaimed shows at the London Fringe FestivalFeats of Astonishment and Exchange.  He's also been named Toronto's Best Magician, certainly way better than the guy who came in second place. It's so much fun to watch Keith perform and he does some truly amazing things.

Keith actually was on one of our shows a few years ago opening for Asi Wind. We missed him for a while as he disappeared to study abroad in Sweden, but he's back now and we're delighted to have him.

If you want to squeeze in one more great show before summer ends, join us on:

Sunday, August 25 - 7:00 PM @ The Winchester Tickets | Directions | Information

Also joining us will be "The Great Mustachio"... more on him shortly!