A nice thing to share

We always begin our shows with the same announcement.

Please turn off all cellphones or set them to vibrate. Any electronic device that goes off during the show will be confiscated and smashed to bits with iron mallets.

(The iron mallets are a literary allusion - a free pair of tickets to Magic@theCage for the first person to respond in the comments with where it comes from.)

We also add the following:

Non flash photography is permitted. Weird stuff is going to happen and it belongs on YouTube and Facebook.

Recently, someone took our advice to heart, which is a good thing. Every month we take photos sent to us and add them to our own at the gallery page of Abracadabaret.com. And every month we randomly choose some of the posters and give them free tickets to an upcoming show.

Occasionally someone goes that extra light-year and we'll just give them the tickets right away. So, from JP Magic:

Magic at the Winchester is on every Sunday night at 7:00 PM, dinner @ 6:30. Tickets are $20 at the door ($15 online with special discounts for groups of five or more).