Face 2 Face

Last year at Magic Tonight, we hosted a special fundraiser dinner for the Centre for Inquiry Canada. Following the show, in an effort to add some educational content to our programming, we did an extended interview and Q&A with Michael Close and the host of Face2Face, David Peck. We were allegedly discussing "Wonder in the 21st Century" or "The Role of Magic in a Modern Secular Society", but it was in front of a live audience with Q&A and tangents galore, discussing the history of magic, the theory behind why magic works and a few other things. The audio from that interview is now available online for the world to listen to. Stream or download over at DavidPeckLive.com, or look for Face2Face on Rabble and iTunes

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Magic Tonight has weekly performances in Toronto, Mississauga and Pickering with a variety of special guests. Readers of this blog can use the code reality when buying tickets online for a special discount on the price of tickets and dinner.

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