Introducing Sketchy Magic

sketchmagic photo72
sketchmagic photo72

Coming in April to the Crimson Lounge (our traditional home for Magic Tonight) we're presenting a new kind of magic show. This is Sketchy Magic:

Created by Chris Westfall & Chris Mayhew, both incredibly funny performers in their own right, this new show blends magic with both improv and sketch comedy to create a unique live experience. It's incredibly exciting because you never know what will happen next. (And as someone who has worked with both of these guys before, trust me, anything can happen.) And it's unique because the participation from the audience makes it so that every show is a one-night-only event. Tomorrow things could turn out very differently.

Sketchy Magic is a full evening out with dinner and a hilarious show. Join us in Downtown Toronto for an unforgettable experience. Tickets are available at the Abracadabaret website ( Readers of this blog can use the code reality for a special discount on the price of tickets and dinner.

The show is entirely family friendly... almost... sort of... well... children may learn some new words in this show.