Last week on Magic Tonight

What wonderful audiences we had at the show. Things were certainly feeling festive as the GTA got into the spirit for Pride. Sunday in particular was an extra-fabulous rendition of the show. Although it was raining through most of the day, it didn't make things any less festive. There is a bit of backstory. A few months ago, one of the servers at the Crimson Lounge where we host Magic Tonight in Toronto, fixed me with a steely glare and warned me that when Pride rolled around, i was not going to get away without some serious sparkles and glitter. Of course, you don't really have to ask me twice, but I figured I'd play hard to get just for the sport of it.

And the incredibly tall (and I suppose honorarily fabulous) Brian Roberts did a fantastic bit of classic magic-ing at the Franklin House in Mississauga.

If you haven't been out to see the show in a while. Take a look at what you missed. Magic Tonight continues every Sunday through the summer at the Crimson Lounge in Toronto. Readers of this blog can use the code reality for a discount on the price of tickets and dinner when purchasing online.