Magic in the community

One of the quirkier bits of performing I get to do is a special series of shows organized by Magicana as part of their Senior Sorcery program. The program is designed to bring live magic to seniors no longer living at home. Thanks to some support from the Slaight Family Foundation, these performances are often offered to these centres at specially discounted prices.

It's a challenge to assemble a show which is built with allowances for an audience's diminished mobility or cognitive issues, but having got the hang of it a few years ago, I now find these performances to be a lot of fun and tremendously rewarding. Plus sometimes someone will come up after the show with a very interesting story to tell me. 

These shows are often centred around holidays throughout the year. The past week saw Valentine's Day and Family Day, so I did several shows in quick succession. Ordinarily because of privacy concerns, it's difficult to share photos from these shows, but at two performances, a very judicious photographer captured the very attractive backs of people's heads (and the moderately attractive overdressed magician on stage.) 

It's a wonderful program. If you would be interested in bringing the program to a retirement or long-term card facility you're affiliated with, I encourage you to reach out to Magicana

I really have no idea what's inside that giant egg. I was nervous that partway through the show, Lady Gaga would pop out and do a number. 

A magician can dream; can't he?