Cartoon James Randi

James Randi — or as he is more often publicly known The Amazing Randi — is now largely retired, but continues to talk openly and publicly about the relationship between magic, skepticism and critical thinking. In one of his more interesting interviews with the YouTube channel Holy Koolaid, he is appearing in Cartoon form. 

Randi stands apart from the majority of skeptics. He eschews the label "debunker" (odd that it appears in the video's title card) and favours "investigator". In keeping with the scientific method, if you start with the conclusion you think you should get — that the claim you are investigating is "bunk" — then you're much less likely to learn anything new. You have to set your exploration up in such a way that if there is a real phenomenon to be found, you could find it.

In that spirit, the organization he founded, the James Randi Educational Foundation, set up a well known million dollar prize to anyone who can demonstrate paranormal phenomena under controlled mutually agreed upon conditions.  

When I grow up, I hope I can show up to my interviews as a cartoon.