Donald Trump

David Copperfield writes in The Onion

Or so The Onion claims. I've been reading the article almost but not quite entirely sure it's satire. Such is the problem with politics these days. 

Right away there was the issue of accountability. In the aftermath of Trump’s surprise victory, we realized the American people deserved better from their magicians. It didn’t matter if you were working birthday parties or headlining the MGM Grand. You had to take a real honest look at what you did and accept that whether you were making a playing card disappear, pushing a cigarette through a quarter, or levitating over the Grand Canyon, your actions would be judged in the context of an entirely new political climate.

With Trump peddling fear, xenophobia, and outright lies, we could no longer remain silent: We had an obligation, both as illusionists and Americans, not to allow such hateful behavior to become normalized.

One pieces that I found rather interesting:

Though much of what we as Americans hold sacred has come under threat this past year, there has been at least one positive development: Many magicians no longer saw their female assistants in half, having come to realize that there are now consequences for such behavior in the workplace.

Magicians have a history of being not so nice to women (and often our audiences in general), something I've tried very hard to not emulate for my entire career. 

The profession can't take much more of this

Last year, I listened to a long form interview where an investigative journalist likened Donald Trump to a magician. He was referring to the way he managed attention to pull focus away from... well... what ever the embarrassment-du-jour was.

Yesterday, the New York Times published an op-ed, The Dark Magic of Kellyanne Conway, where Trump's most prominent spokesperson is likened to David Blaine. 

She’s more like the David Blaine of political spin, intent on working feats of magic that few others would attempt and surviving situations that would cripple any ordinary mortal. He catches a bullet in his mouth; she makes Donald Trump sound like a humble servant of the common man. He lasts 44 days in a plexiglass case over the Thames; she lasts 40 minutes with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

I'm not sure that our profession can take much more of this. 

The Majestic Return of Will & Grace

Ten years after the series ended, the cast of Will & Grace returned to the screen to offer up their brilliant take on the US election. Looking back on the series a decade later with all of the progress that has been made for civil rights in North America, it seems a bit cliche. But it's important to remember that at the time it was light years ahead of the curve.

The American Election

The Simpsons have weighed in on the upcoming US Presidential Election. As someone who embraces habit and tradition, I still watch the Simpsons regularly even though they are well (well) past their prime. But this is fairly astute.

As you may recall, the Simpsons actually predicted a Trump presidency in an episode several years ago.

Hiding up here in Canada, I'm watching this election coverage with a strange fascination. The Trump nomination defies all reason and yet here it is. I don't want to get bogged down discussing politics for the wrong country, so I'll just take a moment now to congratulate our neighbours to the south on electing their first female President and we son't have to talk about it anymore.