Herritage Acton

Still Worth the Drive to Acton

I was in Acton last weekend doing a special fundraiser for Heritage Acton. It was a gorgeous space and a wonderful audience and we had a great time.

Magic and Martini Acton

I was a little surprised to wake up to an email saying that our fundraiser made the front page of the local newspaper, The New Tanner:

The Tanner - March 8, 2018 (Photo by Les Schmidt)

The Tanner - March 8, 2018 (Photo by Les Schmidt)

From the review:

James Alan amazed and amused, baffled and confused, but mostly delighted and entertained the audience at the Acton Town Hall Centre last Saturday night, with his Magic and Martini show. The full house enjoyed dinner, cocktails, and an evening of playful sleight of hand puzzles, loopy rope entanglements, and hilarious audience participation.