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This week on Magic Tonight

It's an award winning week of talent on Magic Tonight. (And I'll be there as well.) On Thursday at the Franklin House, we have comedy magician Phil Pivnick who was recently awarded the title of "Toronto's Best Magician" by A1 Radio.

Thursday (The Bear) and Sunday (the Crimson Lounge) we are rejoined by Jason Palter - winner of the Canadian Event Industry's Entertainer of the Year Award.

All of this week's shows are currently sold out. For tickets to our upcoming events visit our site. Readers of this blog can use the code reality for a discount on the price of tickets and dinner when purchasing on line.

Tonight's instalment of Sketchy Magic is also sold out - one more week to catch the amazing comedy duo before they disappear. Tickets are available at www.SketchyMagic.com

Apr 23 Phil Pivnick Sold out

Apr 24 Jason Palter sold out

Apr 26 Jason Palter sold out

Best Magician Contest

This Saturday, I will be competing in the "Best Magician Contest"[1] hosted by A1 Chinese Radio and Classic Force. We will be on stage at Market Village in Markham, Ontario on Saturday, April 13 at approximately 7:30 PM. This a free event being put on by the Radio Station. [Update June 3, 2013 - Performance footage, shot by Hansen Lau]

Best Magician Poster

[1] It's not really a contest. The event is hosted in Cantonese. "Best Magician" has lost something in translation. Instead it's a gala performance with a mix of amateurs, hobbyists and professions with some judges thrown in for dramatic effect. There is some kind of prize for the act they like the best, but we're not sure what that is. To quote from Whose Line Is It Anyway, everything is made up and the points don't matter. But it should still be a great show!