James Biss Interviewed On the Larry Smith Show

The Hamilton Fringe Festival creates a wonderful sense of family and camaraderie. In particular, we have a performers club house at the Artword Artbar (which the public is welcome to crash). Every night, comedian Larry Smith hosts an avant garde talk show (meaning there are no cameras) on stage at Artword interviewing the players in the twenty eight Fringe productions. See my director, James Biss' interview in all its absurdity:

We Won a Larry!

Last night on the closing night of the Hamilton Fringe Festival, The Artword Artbar hosted a special evening talk show where they distributed the Lawrence Victor Smith Academy of Theatre Arts and Sciences Awards (Larry's for short). Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks won two Larry Awards, one for James Alan and another for the show's director, James Biss. Whether we won the award because of the show or because of the interviews we participated in at Artword earlier in the festival is unclear. We're certainly not saying what we won the awards for; that's just embarrassing.

Larry Award