canadian association of magicians

Nominated for Magician of the Year

According to an announcement posted yesterday on the Canadian Association of Magicians Blog, I've been nominated for Canadian Magician of the Year. What does this mean? I have no idea. The process behind the award has changed this year, and the process is not quite transparent with no formal criteria. It appears to have been remade as a popularity contest where anyone can nominate anyone and it goes on record. So at the moment it appears to just be a very flattering joke someone has played on my behalf.

Edit 5/17/2013 The President of the Canadian Association of Magicians clarified that what were originally announced as "nominations" aren't proper nominations but rather "suggestions for nominations" . The actual "nominees" are really just the "finalists" who receive the most "suggestions for nominations". Furthermore, the two lovely people who did "nominate" me have since been identified and both have confessed to doing so with the most ironic of intentions. So it still makes about as much sense as the rest of Canadian politics.