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Uncertainty Project: CP24

James Alan Uncertainty Project Poster
James Alan Uncertainty Project Poster

I was on CP24 Breakfast this morning discussing my upcoming show, The Uncertainty Project at the Wychwood Theatre. While the show is about uncertainty, I am necessarily tight lipped about the tricks which are in the show, but you can get an idea of what's coming here:

The performance portion was not entirely what I was hoping for. Unfortunately the crew was dealing with a serious breaking news story about a deadly fire in Brampton. So while I was still able to go on amid the coverage we were, to a large extent, improvising when it came to the performance. We still got to have some fun though.

Tickets for The Uncertainty Project are available at www.uncertaintyproject.com/tickets

CP24 Breakfast

Here is the video from my appearance on CP24 Breakfast last weekend. 

More information about Magic at the Winchester is available here.

If parts of it seem to be missing, that's because one of my segments was cut short because to cover a press conference with Kathleen Wynne which started ahead of schedule. So it's been removed to protect you from being confused.

Special thanks to Chris Mayhew for his video jiggery-pokery.

Check out more video here.