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The Conjuror Returns

David Ben is one of my favourite magicians alive (and I don't just say that because of the stack of incriminating photos he keeps hidden away!) After Christmas, Magicana is bringing his show The Conjuror to Soulpepper. The Conjuror was originally written by David Ben & Patrick Watson in the 90s and continues to evolve and magically reappear periodically. The run was just extended because the first ten shows were nearly sold out. So if you'd like something fun and truly magical to do during the holiday you can check out The Conjuror with the whole family. Tickets are available at

David Ben Michael Coren

David Ben discussing The Conjuror on Michael Coren's The Arena

Photo: Cylla von Tiedmann

David Ben sneaking up on me on the way to a show on the side of a streetcar.

Out of Character

If you're in the mood for something extremely strange, I participated on a panel discussion on Michael Coren's The Arena on Sun TV last night. I was a panelist on "Holy War" discussing Michael Sam and Piss Christ. (Don't ask me why those were the topics of discussion. I suspect it's a kind of television logic beyond my understanding.) I have never done anything like that and it was an interesting experience. As you might have noticed, it did take me a couple minutes to figure out that if I wasn't willing to interrupt, I wouldn't have been heard. Although I do think I approached making a point on more than one occasion.

I was either the voice of reason, or the liberal wing nut, depending on your point of view.