Happy Pride

Pride is coming up around the corner - and this year in Toronto it's World Pride. So what was a big deal is now somehow supposed to be bigger. So to gradually get into the spirit, I'm chaining the colour of parts of my act for the month of June:



It's a tiny thing, but since I bought the entire roll of duct tape. I'll keep using it through the entire month of June... or longer if the spirit moves me. And in the interest of being simultaneously silly and outspoken, if you snap a picture of me with my fabulous new blindfold and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #magicpride or tag me on my Facebook page. , I will give you a pair of tickets to one of our upcoming shows (yes including that one.)

Fascinating Legal Stuff:

It has to be your own photo, no reposting these ones. Yes, you can walk up to me on the street with your own roll of pink duct tape (we will also accept lavender and rainbow). I might even do the trick for you.