Happy Halloween

Magicians are not generally very scary people. We're primarily entertainers. But sometimes, in order to be dramatic, we need to court danger and sometimes just be a little weird. So for Halloween this year, I took a look through our archives and assembled this collection of the magicians on Magic Tonight getting dressed up or just generally being strange and creepy. Enjoy!

Magic Tonight runs weekly at the Crimson Lounge in downtown Toronto, Readers of this blog can use the code reality fir a discount on the price of tickets and dinner when purchasing online.

Summer @ The Cage

Last night, we ended the summer season of Magic@theCage with a fantastic sold out show. Of course, we're not going anywhere. We'll be back every Sunday this fall with a new and exciting show every week. Coming up in September, we have Jason Palter, Chris Mayhew, Paul Pacific and new performers Garnett Schmidt and Gary Benesco. I'll also be doing my (older) one-man show, Lies, Damn Lies & Magic Tricks on Sept 14. Tickets are available on the site.

I went back through the summer shows and picked out some of my favourite photos, including some of the goofier ones I wouldn't want to use for promotional purposes. There are way more to be found if you visit us on Facebook.


Magic at the Cage Poster
Magic at the Cage Poster

Happy Pride

Pride is coming up around the corner - and this year in Toronto it's World Pride. So what was a big deal is now somehow supposed to be bigger. So to gradually get into the spirit, I'm chaining the colour of parts of my act for the month of June:



It's a tiny thing, but since I bought the entire roll of duct tape. I'll keep using it through the entire month of June... or longer if the spirit moves me. And in the interest of being simultaneously silly and outspoken, if you snap a picture of me with my fabulous new blindfold and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #magicpride or tag me on my Facebook page. , I will give you a pair of tickets to one of our upcoming shows (yes including that one.)

Fascinating Legal Stuff:

It has to be your own photo, no reposting these ones. Yes, you can walk up to me on the street with your own roll of pink duct tape (we will also accept lavender and rainbow). I might even do the trick for you. 


Magic@theCage Continues

I went back and checked and last night marked our twentieth show at The Cage 292 in The Crimson Lounge. It's been a wonderful time and we have no plans of stopping any time soon. But I went back and looked through the photos since we started the show and picked out my favourites. Join us every Tuesday and Sunday night for more great Magic@theCage....


Television and Duct Tape

I was on Rogers Daytime Toronto in March talking about Magic@theCage. I performed what is probably my favourite trick these days.[youtube]

Magic@the Cage is still running every Tuesday & Sunday night at 7:00 PM. Information and tickets are available at


Magic@theCage continues

We moved our weekly show to a new venue, and somehow made it twice a week, back in February. We've been going strong there for two months with all of our Sunday shows in March being sold out. Tomorrow night's show (Mar 30) is also sold out. We currently have tickets available for Tuesdays and Sundays in April and for our extra show April 30 with Vincent Hedan.

To round out the month, I received some survey results from guests at the show. Here are a few snapshots:

Cage feedback 3 Cage Feedback 2 Cage feedback 1

We hope to see you out at the show sometime soon.

Vincent Hedan Wish