We've moved!

Our weekly show Magic@theCage has moved. Not far... we're exactly one door to the left of where we used to be; from 292 College to 294 College (click here for Google Map Directions if you need them). Since we're no longer technically @theCage, but merely next to The Cage or in the vicinity of The Cage we figured it was less confusing if we just updated everything. 

So now we are Magic Tonight. Same great show, same phenomenal guests. But we now have more seating capacity, a larger stage and an expanded dinner menu. The show still runs every Sunday at 7:00 PM with dinner served a 6:00 for anyone who's hungry.

Magic Tonight Poster Small
Magic Tonight Poster Small

Our special guests for the inaugural performance are the lovely Matt DiSero (contributor of "Magic and Monkeys" in Seventeen Secrets Volume 2) and the distinguished Michael Close.

Tickets are available at www.abracadabaret.com/purchase-tickets. Readers here can use the code secrets for an extra special discount.