This week on Magic Tonight

It's a light schedule on this week for Magic Tonight. I, and a great many local magicians, will be off to Magi-Fest in Columbus, OH. If you think one magician is weird, try picturing eight hundred of us wandering around one hotel at the same time. But we'll be back in time for our Sunday show at The Crimson Lounge downtown in Toronto. Our special guest, Sunday, February 1 will be mentalist Ron Guttman. What makes this interesting is that I'm leaving Ohio at 7AM and these conventions are largely sleep optional. So this could be the most sleep deprived performance I've ever given. It's also Superbowl Sunday. So if you're lucky, we'll also predict the winner for you.

Magic Tonight happens weekly at The Crimson Lounge in Toronto, The Franklin House in Mississauga and The Bear in Pickering. Readers of this blog can use the code reality for a special discount when purchasing tickets online.

Feb 1 Guttman



Last time on Magic Tonight

Last night on Magic Tonight in Toronto, there was something in the water. We had the most splendiferous audience who were reacting and laughing all the way through the show. In fact, they spent so much time laughing, we ran nearly 30 minutes longer than we planned. Magic Tonight happens every week in Toronto (Sundays), Mississauga (Thursdays) and Pickering (Fridays). Readers of this blog can use the code reality for a special discount when buying tickets online.

Magic Tonight Toronto Poster sm
Magic Tonight Toronto Poster sm

This Week on Magic Tonight

This week, we are continuing to perform in Toronto and are also launching the first of our new shows in Pickering at The Bear. The Bear is a historic building (Formerly the Liverpool House) just off the 401. We'll be there on Friday nights doing our typical show augmented by authentic British Cuisine. For the first show this Friday, I'll be joined by the hilariously adorable Chris Mayhew, who recently performed at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and premiered his new one man show, Mayhew Mayhem, in the vicinity of Broadway.

On Sunday at the Crimson Lounge inside The Cage 292, I'll be joined in Toronto by Jason Palter, named "Entertainer of the Year by the Canadian Event Industry.

Magic Tonight happens every week. Tickets are $35 or $65 with dinner. Readers can use the code secrets for a special discount when purchasing online.

Toronto ♦ Pickering

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Last night on Magic Tonight

Last night featured special guest Brian Roberts. Most people don't realize that tall magicians are heavily discriminated against: they are too big to fit into boxes to be sawn into halves and they can't make themselves levitate because they would hit their heads on the ceiling. Instead Brian has been forced to devote his time to developing beautiful sleight of hand. I got to perform with Brian with a packed house on what was (coincidentally) my birthday. Yes... they sang... I don't want to talk about it.... I wore a bow tie... my mother told me to.

Magic Tonight runs every week - Thursdays in Mississauga, Fridays in Pickering, Sundays in Toronto. Tickets are available at www.magictonight.ca. Readers of this blog can use the code secrets when purchasing online.

Jan 11 Roberts
Jan 11 Roberts

This Sunday on Magic Tonight

Among the things that distinguish me as a truly unique entertainer — such as the fact that I have performed in both East Gwillimbury and West Gwillimbury — is the fact that I have performed with both of Canada's tallest*magicians. The first is, of course, Tyler Wilson, whom I joined for our show Illusions of Grandeur in 2013. The second is the virtuoso sleight of hand performer Brian Roberts who will be joining me this Sunday on Magic Tonight.

* It's actually fairly difficult to tell which one is taller since one of them has the odd propensity for wearing high heels and the other is so hyperactive he won't sit still long enough for anyone to properly measure his height.**

**It's possible that not all of the words used in this sentence are an accurate representation of reality.***

***But then what do we really mean by real anyway?

Magic Tonight happens every Sunday night in the Crimson Lounge (inside The Cage 292) in Downtown Toronto. The show starts at 7:00 PM but you can join us early for dinner at 6:00. Readers of the blog can use the code secrets when purchasing online for an extra discount.

Jan 11 Roberts
Jan 11 Roberts

This Sunday on Magic Tonight

This Sunday's Magic Tonight features a very special guest and most dear friend; Ben Train. Ben rarely ever performs for the public. He spends most of his time consulting and creating magic for other magicians. He is the co-founder of Five Academy, which produces instructional resources for magicians around the world. He's also given numerous talks for magic societies across Canada, the US and parts of Europe. We're eager to see what super secret stuffs he's been working on! Sunday, December 28 at 7:00 PM. Come early for dinner at 6:00. Tickets are $20 online at www.magictonight.ca.

We're upstairs in the Crimson Lounge at 292 College Street right near Spadina.

Dec 28 Train


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