This Sunday on Magic Tonight

Among the things that distinguish me as a truly unique entertainer — such as the fact that I have performed in both East Gwillimbury and West Gwillimbury — is the fact that I have performed with both of Canada's tallest*magicians. The first is, of course, Tyler Wilson, whom I joined for our show Illusions of Grandeur in 2013. The second is the virtuoso sleight of hand performer Brian Roberts who will be joining me this Sunday on Magic Tonight.

* It's actually fairly difficult to tell which one is taller since one of them has the odd propensity for wearing high heels and the other is so hyperactive he won't sit still long enough for anyone to properly measure his height.**

**It's possible that not all of the words used in this sentence are an accurate representation of reality.***

***But then what do we really mean by real anyway?

Magic Tonight happens every Sunday night in the Crimson Lounge (inside The Cage 292) in Downtown Toronto. The show starts at 7:00 PM but you can join us early for dinner at 6:00. Readers of the blog can use the code secrets when purchasing online for an extra discount.

Jan 11 Roberts
Jan 11 Roberts