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Last time on Magic Tonight

I feel like an announcer on the old Batman series... Last time on... except that Robin isn't tied up somewhere about to be fed to a pit of alligators? Oh well. It was hot outside and cool inside at the Crimson Lounge Sunday night. The wonderful Jason Palter was there and the audience was on fire. Actually, I think the audience was on something; extremely energetic and interactive. It's very rare to have an audience that's appreciative to the point of being irritating.

Also making a surprise cameo in a couple of the photos is Scott McClelland, the director of Carnival Diablo and The Paranormal Show, who happened to be in town. Here Scott can be seen in a rare non-creepy attire.

Magic Tonight continues every Sunday night through the summer at the Crimson Lounge in Downtown Toronto. Readers of this blog can use the code reality for a discount on the price of tickets and dinner when purchasing online.

Carnival Diablo Festival of Wonders

This weekend I had the pleasure of performing at the Carnival Diablo Festival of wonders. The owner of the carnival, a friend of mine named Scott McClelland has created several vivid characters for extravagant sides that appeal to different sides of magic, including side show, bizarre magick, spiritualism and even carnival hucksterism. As part of the festival which incorporated several of his shows, a side show and a number of other acts, I presented a series of half-hour performances featuring some of the oldest magic in my repertoire. Oldest in terms of its age, at least.


In addition to being able to perform on the beautiful Paranormal Show set, I got to spend two days at the gorgeous waterfront property in Carleton Place where the festival was being held.

Carnival Diablo