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Magic is in the Details

This weekend, I was out in Uxbridge, Ontario — a quiet out of the way township which the residents described to me as their "own little piece of heaven" — for a private birthday celebration. Event planning is all about the details because that's what lends an event a feeling of authenticity that people will remember, instead of a cookie-cutter banquet which can be forgotten between desert and the walk to the car door. 

After my show, there was a lovely table laid out with dozens of handcrafted magic-themed cookies. (I actually think the birthday girl made them all herself... so much for a relaxing birthday.) Always be on the lookout for small details that will make your next event magic!

magic cookies

Magic & Martini @ SpiritHouse

Here are a few photos from our sold-out Magic & Martini show at SpiritHouse last Saturday night in Toronto. They include a very enthusiastic attempt to blindfold me where you can see the thumbs digging into my eyes. There was also a woman who asked if she could see into my sleeves and turned the exercise into a full-body pat down. 

Our next two shows at SpiritHouse are already sold out! Tickets for our upcoming shows in Toronto, Oakville and Hillsburgh are available. Readers of this blog can use the code secrets for a special discount on the price of tickets when booking online

Photos by Tyler Williams. 

Cheap Tricks with Dear Friends

On Thursday, September 15, I'll be involved in a most unusual show in Toronto:

Cheap Tricks (it's not what you think it is... I swear)

Many performers dread the thought of arriving at an event to discover that part or all of their show is missing (or more likely, that some airline personnel have skilfully redirected it to the wrong city as part of their mission to increase the amount of entropy in the universe.) This is a show where we make this happen on purpose.

A few hours before the show, seven magicians will be given a limited budget and a destination store (like a convenience store) and have to generate an act based on what they can acquire in a limited amount of time. It's a test of ingenuity, creativity and audacity. I'll be one of the judges, which I suspect may be a more difficult job that what awaits the performers.

The show details for the show are:

Cheap Tricks Thursday, September 15 @ 8:00 PM Revival (783 College Street)

Advance tickets are $20 and are available online now. If you're able to make it out I'm sure it will be a most exciting and unique evening.

Last time on Magic Tonight

I feel like an announcer on the old Batman series... Last time on... except that Robin isn't tied up somewhere about to be fed to a pit of alligators? Oh well. It was hot outside and cool inside at the Crimson Lounge Sunday night. The wonderful Jason Palter was there and the audience was on fire. Actually, I think the audience was on something; extremely energetic and interactive. It's very rare to have an audience that's appreciative to the point of being irritating.

Also making a surprise cameo in a couple of the photos is Scott McClelland, the director of Carnival Diablo and The Paranormal Show, who happened to be in town. Here Scott can be seen in a rare non-creepy attire.

Magic Tonight continues every Sunday night through the summer at the Crimson Lounge in Downtown Toronto. Readers of this blog can use the code reality for a discount on the price of tickets and dinner when purchasing online.

A Change of Venue

Poste Moved
Poste Moved

I very much regret to report that due to circumstances beyond our control, The Winchester Stage and Bar is no longer available for our performances on Sunday evenings. Fortunately, our Tuesday night venue, The Cage 292, has taken us in. Going forward we will continue to offer our shows ever Sunday night at The Crimson Lounge, located inside The Cage 292 (292 College Street @ Spadina). We will continue to honour all tickets and reservations from Magic at the Winchester at the new location.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

And most importantly, thanks to the management of The Cage for accommodating us on short notice.

This Sunday's (February 16) show is already sold out. Tickets for future shows are available at