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Magic at the Ontario Science Centre

Knowing I'm a nerd at heart, I was asked to do a couple of short shows at the Ontario Science Centre over the Christmas Season. They have a beautiful Imperial Oil Auditorium which works really well for magic. I was being hosted by the boys at Spellbinding Science who teach magic programs at school under the guise of science.

Rob Testa
Rob Testa

David Grosfield & Rob Testa of Spellbinding Science

(These are two slightly different performances for two different audiences. They start differently and end the same. So if you get to a trick you've seen before, you can stop watching.)

Diabolical Deceptions

At the end of this month, I'll be participating in a one-night-only show with four other performers to put on a night of incredible magic. We will be at 99 Sudbury which is a beautiful space for magic. Joining me on the show are Chris Mayhew - A hilariously funny comedy magician

Bella Muerta - Ghoul next door and multi-talented sassy lass.

Mind Bender - A young and aspiring magical performer

Baldini - The man of magical mystery.

Tickets are now available online - or you can purchase them from me directly.

Diabolical Deceptions Saturday, May 31, 2014 - 8:00 PM 99 Sudbury Street, Toronto Tickets $20

Diabolical Deceptions Poster